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Vision Part 1 - Restaurant ReBoot

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

In my recent piece, Restaurant Re-Boot, the first step is to “Revisit your Vision”. This assumes that you have a documented vision. If you do not, you are not alone. Many small business owners have not formalized their original passion and ideas into a coherent vision document. A clearly stated vision establishes a solid foundation for a practical road map that leads your intention into thriving reality with a healthy culture.

Your Vision Document is Square One.

Even if your business has been in operation with a vision document, this is a good time to regroup around it. If you feel you’ve lost your way, are not seeing the success you deserve or are feeling stuck in the face of new challenges, I encourage you to go Back to Square One. If this sounds cliché or excessively “back-to-basics”, well it is! And for good reason – creating and following a company vision is an essential task that yields strong results.

The Vision Document…

• Is the heart and soul of the business – it defines your ethos and is unwavering.

• Is a foundation you can return to over and over to help maintaining focus during times of strife and uncertainty.

• Forces you to run your business with authenticity, where values meet behaviour, in service to all stakeholders.

• Establishes and formalizes your identity (who), intention (what), and direction (where).

• Brings alignment, engagement and common purpose to your team.

• Helps attract and keep great employees and customers.

• Defines your core competence, niche and primary focus.

• Acts as a mirror holding all stakeholders accountable to what is important-actions and beliefs. It ss the basis for good decision-making and all behaviour.

• Gives you permission to simplify, simplify, simplify committing to doing less, better.

• Charts a clear course for long (five years+) and medium-terms (three years).

• Can act a as a beacon of hope to guide strategy and action.

• Identifies top priority objectives and keeps you from being too distracted – the critical few vs the miscellaneous many.

• Helps you get unstuck and back on track after hitting road blocks; simplifies complex situations when the s--t hits the fan.

• Leads to the discovery of the root cause of issues and prevents playing ‘whack-a-mole’ as symptoms flare up.

• Is a living, breathing document that should be looked at daily, then reviewed quarterly and annually to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

• Clearly defines marketing direction – target market, market position and brand promise.

• And, most importantly, forces you to define and declare your points of differentiation within the marketplace keeping your business top of mind with consumers.

Bear in mind, the one-page vision document is not the success, but it does point directly to that success. It requires strategy and action to bring it to realisation.

Vision + Action Plan + Measurement + Accountability = Results

In the next post we’ll describe in more detail what a vision document looks like.

Vision + Action + Discipline + Accountability= Results

The next entry will outline more detail of what a Vision document looks like.

Until next time!

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