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Business & Leadership Coaching


One-on-One Coaching

The best leaders don’t just know or learn—they are also open to unlearning. Our one-on-one coaching is for hospitality owners, managers and professionals ready to take their profession and themselves to the next level. We help people to focus. This supportive process digs into what’s really going on for you—what’s in the way, where you want to go. It is transformative. We hone in on personal development, aspirations and obstacles to improve effectiveness and accountability. Through discussion, exercises and reflection, you gain a revitalized perspective and clarity of purpose within your business.

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Leadership Team Development

Leadership teams achieve greatness when each member knows the plan, route and destination. Share the General Manager and Chef’s direction, and you empower your people to be aligned and work together. Often, teams lack buy-in and cohesion. Meetings are thrown together because you’re all busy (usually a good sign). With simple tools, your meetings yield astonishing results. Leadership team development reveals obstacles, conflict and untapped strengths as well. Change management, in tandem with an articulated leadership philosophy, is a game changer.  

How could a business coach help you?

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